BBP Stories: I Was the Tomboy

Central High School
10th grade, 16
African American Bisexual Female

My story is going to be about my sexuality.

And being bullied about it. So probably about like my eighth-grade year, I started to realize that um-, the way I looked at other girls, like I noticed that girls are pretty. And I didn’t dress girly, like other girls. I was kind of a boyish kind of girl. I was the tomboy. I loved sports. I played football, played volleyball, and right now in my sophomore year, I’m playing softball. In my eighth-grade year, I had decided to come out. The first person I told was my friend, L. She accepted me. She was a real cool friend. And I loved her for that.

But other kids, they just, they didn’t accept the fact that I liked girls. Even though I still like boys, too. Bisexual is the term. But I mean, I think people are special the way they are. I have friends who are gay, who are transgender, and I love them all because they love me. So, eighth grade year was hard. When I came into my freshman year I met a new friend. And we had a lot of good memories together cause, you know, he was also bisexual. So, we had a nice mutual understanding cause we knew what each other was going through. And I don’t know, I think it’s because it was high school and a lot of kids had a lot of understanding of what the term bisexual was and there was people who accepted the fact that I was bisexual.


And then, there were people who didn’t.

I was fine with that. As long as I had my group of friends that understood, I was just fine. Right now, I’m currently in my sophomore year. I still have those same friends that were there. My friend, who I talked about earlier, and I went and talked to legislators about bullying. And it was a great experience. It was nice to be seen on TV. It was nice to let them know that everybody gets bullied. Not just kids who are nerdy and who get good grades, or people who are gay or straight, everybody gets bullied. It was nice.