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Q&A with Jen Gilbert: How to Tell a Different LGBTQ Story. Education Week, September 5, 2018. 38(03): 33. 🆕

Gilbert, Jen, Jessica Fields, Laura Mamo, and Nancy Lesko. 2018. “LGBTQ Sexuality and Gender Beyond Bullying.” The Blog of Harvard Education Publishing (blog), August 3, 2018. 🆕

Gilbert, Jen, Jessica Fields, Laura Mamo, and Nancy Lesko. 2018. “Intimate Possibilities: The Beyond Bullying Project and Stories of LGBTQ Sexuality and Gender in US Schools.” Harvard Educational Review 88(2):163-183. 🆕

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Conversations about LGBTQ Sexuality in Schools. Connections. (Publication of The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts).

Related Publications by Beyond Bullying authors, 2012-present

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Related Publications by Beyond Bullying authors, 2007-2011

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Our Media Appearances
Beyond Bullying and Related Media Appearances

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