BBP Stories: He Loved His Self

West High School
12th grade
18, African American, straight, girl

When I was in middle school, I had a friend and he was my best friend. It was like I knew he was gay and he knew he was gay, but everybody else knew, too. But he had this whole fear if he should hide it or he should show it.

He was just the sweetest person. He was so generous that everybody took him for a joke. Everybody took him for a mistake. Until he proved everybody wrong. You don’t have to make yourself feel like you’re unwanted or feel bad because of who you are.

And he really, he loved his self. He loved everything about it. He loved feeling gay. He loved everything. And I accepted him in every way. He told me everything. I told him everything.

And now I see him today, he’s the most beautifulest girl you could ever imagine. He dresses like a girl. Wear hair like a girl. Does everything like a girl. You would even mistake him for a girl. So you can’t judge what’s on the outside if you don’t know what’s on the inside. I loved him for him. And he was my best friend. He was a great person. And nobody could take that away from him.