BBP STORIES: It’s happening again and we’re bringing it back right now

East High School



I wanted to come in here and talk about how people seem to use their religion to attack homosexuality. But I’m not even gonna lie. I’m not really a religious person. I don’t—I’m not really a religious person because I didn’t like the idea of how, like, people want to believe in somebody that they’ve never seen before pertaining, especially, to Christianity. And I just don’t like the history that Christianity has behind it.

So basically, I don’t like how people try to use, like, their beliefs to attack other people and they say: “Oh, you cannot be homosexuality.” I mean, “You cannot be homosexual because it’s ungodly or goes against what God wanted.”

First of all, who said I believe in your God? Who said that your God exists? Because God did not write the Bible. I just don’t understand. There’s not an explanation for everything that happened in the Bible. So you cannot sit here and say, “Oh, yeah, well you being homosexual is ungodly.” Also, there was homosexuality in the Bible at some point.

So, I mean, to all those people who want to use the Bible as their, like, crusader or something, and use it as, like, their, their holy grail and say, “Yeah, this has all the answers.” There was homosexuality in the Bible at one point. Although it wasn’t seen as something that was good, it did happen.

So now we’re bringing it back, and it’s happening right now, so you can’t sit here and be like, “Oh, homosexuality is bad. This, that, and the third.” Cause I could sit there and say that you being heterosexual is bad. I mean, I’m a heterosexual female.

But I don’t sit there and go around telling people that, “Oh, yeah, like, your mother is ba—the idea that you have that mother is bad. Or the idea that you have that sister is bad. Or your dog is bad.” That doesn’t even make any sense, cause you can have whatever you want to have. Anybody can be whoever they want to be as long as they are happy with themselves.

That’s it. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.