The Beyond Bullying Project:

Stories of LGBTQ sexuality in schools

What’s your story?

Click below to share a story about LGBTQ sexuality and gender.

The story could be about you or someone else; it can be about family, school, friends, being in love, or being uncomfortable. Any story is OK, and every story is welcome. The story can be as long or as short as you’d like.

Before you share your story, we’ll ask some basic questions about you—for example, your age, gender, race/ethnicity, whether you’re a teacher or student. We use your answers to paint a picture of the storytellers in this project—like you see here.

When you’re done, you’ll indicate whether you’d like to us to post your story to the website. Every couple months, we choose some stories to feature online, and we’ll consider your story for this honor only if you agree you’d like it.

Thanks for sharing!


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