I’m In Love With The Boy

I’m In Love With The Boy

Central High
9th grade
gay, male
15, African American

Well, my experience with a guy. It was weird. Like I didn’t know what to do, what to expect, nothing about it at all. I was scared but I wasn’t at the same time. ‘Cause I have friends and family who are gay, bi, and other stuff like that. So, I never really thought anything about, like, sex, or whatever. So, when I first tried it, I was scared. But, anyways, I’m going to stop talking about that ‘cause that’s awkward.
High school started and I met a guy and me and him started talking. We first noticed each other in October around Homecoming season. We started talking and we just clicked, bonded from there. But I never knew, like, I’d ever fall in love. I never knew I’d fall in love with him like I did ‘cause he’s my longest relationship. My longest relationship is six months. And everybody else, they weren’t really relationships.

But when I met him, he was something different. People were telling me, like, “Yeah, you should talk to him, he’s cute, da, da, da.”

And ever since then, I’ve been in love with the boy. But, like it was a month later, and he started talking to somebody else, like basically kind of cheated on me. And I told myself to forget him. He’s nothing. Cause he told me I was everything to him. And once you fall in love with somebody, everything they do affects you, like if they talk to somebody, you get jealous.

And so, when I found out he was talking to somebody else, I was just broken. Like I was depressed for a whole month when we broke up. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, see anybody, and wanted to just do nothing. I stayed in my room and hoped that he would talk to me. Like we would see each other in school and it hurt me ‘cause we would walk past each other like we were strangers to each other. We were strangers with memories.

I never had a first love but like I figured out he is my first love. I’m in love with the boy. Like in love. In love. And I would do anything in the world for him.

So when we got back talking, he said he missed me. I missed him, too. So, he asked me back out. And we went back out and we’ve been together ever since. Our anniversary is soon. That will be our seventh month. And hopefully, we’ll get married and have a family and a life together.

BBP Stories: He Loved His Self

BBP Stories: He Loved His Self

West High School
12th grade
18, African American, straight, girl

When I was in middle school, I had a friend and he was my best friend. It was like I knew he was gay and he knew he was gay, but everybody else knew, too. But he had this whole fear if he should hide it or he should show it.

He was just the sweetest person. He was so generous that everybody took him for a joke. Everybody took him for a mistake. Until he proved everybody wrong. You don’t have to make yourself feel like you’re unwanted or feel bad because of who you are.

And he really, he loved his self. He loved everything about it. He loved feeling gay. He loved everything. And I accepted him in every way. He told me everything. I told him everything.

And now I see him today, he’s the most beautifulest girl you could ever imagine. He dresses like a girl. Wear hair like a girl. Does everything like a girl. You would even mistake him for a girl. So you can’t judge what’s on the outside if you don’t know what’s on the inside. I loved him for him. And he was my best friend. He was a great person. And nobody could take that away from him.

BBP STORIES: I feel more comfortable, I feel more strong

BBP STORIES: I feel more comfortable, I feel more strong

West High School

My history can be from my leadership.

When I started in school, was kind of hard for me. I started being, do what I want, be who, who I am.

I remember that people call me Indian. But I’m not from India. I’m from Ecuador. But I just start to feel bad about it. But no one knows that, really knows that I am gay.

When I come out as a gay boy, people just start like, surprised. I don’t know why. They start talking about me behind me and saying I am the stupid boy. But that’s fine.

I go through a lot bad time, like I remember when Somali boys push me down when I was going to my chemistry class. No one’s going to help me that time. I just feel bad about myself because I, I thought that was wrong. I start crying; I start just feeling bad. When I told one of my teachers about it, they just start helping me a lot. There’s a good support in the school. They have friendly teachers.

They just are like, “OK. I’m here to help you.” But I didn’t feel good. I’m trying to do my best in school to surprise my friends, but that was not enough. I just surprised my teacher but not my friends. Everyone’s coming like my enemy, trying to push me down, talking behind me, talk about me bad things. Telling to all my other classmates that I was gay. I was a stupid boy. Then no—. Never going to be somebody else. And no one was going to take my place in this school.


But when I started getting enough support from my teachers,

I just let everything go. Just be myself. Just start doing leadership things. Just start helping my new classmates, helping the new people who come to the country doesn’t speak English. Helping them, try to help in math class with kids. Trying to teach the every single kid where bathroom is in the school, where they can go if they need help. I start feeling more stronger like never, never in my life.

I start feeling like I can do it/ If no one did it for me, I can do for them. But this point, some students that I know, are kind of against me because I am gay. They think that I can do nothing for anyone at school. But they were wrong because I can do more than them. More than what they are doing. Bullying. I can do more that what they think.

They just start talking about me. My classmate who I was helping, they said I’m not doing anything for them. When I was working for my school, doing anti bullying campaign, helping them in school, trying to get everyone, get around, knowing everyone together. But that was not enough. The bullying was going on. But it’s still a lie.

I’m more strong that what they think. Before their words were killing me. But now their words are making me strong. I really even know why are they, what’s going on because I feel more comfortable about myself. I feel more strong.

That’s my story about leadership because people think that gay people cannot lead a community. And people think you can’t do event because you are gay. That’s mean. You can do anything.

I have both hands. I have both feet. I have mouth. I have nose. I have eyes. I have hair. So I am a human, and I can help to my other classmates. I can help to other humans. That’s my story. Thank you.