The Stories

Our Task


The BBP team first collected stories in US high schools: students, teachers, and staff stepped inside a quiet and private storytelling booth to share a story about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer gender and sexuality in their lives. Any story was welcome; it didn’t even have to be true.

Storytellers spoke into a video or audio recorder. We transcribed all of the stories so you can read them here. If a storyteller gave us permission to share the audio recording of their story, you’ll also get to hear their voice.

We also invite folks to share their stories here, on our website. We share those stories here in text form with the storyteller’s permission.

Your Stories


Collectively, BBP stories reflect the many ways LGBTQ sexuality and gender threads through our friendships, homes, school, politics, creativity, and ambitions. Sometimes the stories are joyous; other times they’re painful; still other times they simply tell an ordinary story of ordinary life. Every story is welcome as it helps us tell the fullest, deepest story of LGBTQ sexuality and gender in our lives.